Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Silent Partner

I have to take a moment to lift up, Kevin. My rock. My best friend. My husband. I think I sometimes forget that in this baby journey of ours, he hurts too. Yet he never draws attention to himself. He's too busy holding me up when we are disappointed again. This past time was no exception. As the days ticked by there was no way that we couldn't get our hopes up. I think we were both convinced we were finally pregnant, but also afraid to really believe it. After months and months of disappointment over and over again. You tend to start thinking there is never going to be a positive sign or hear the words that you are pregnant. This time I saw my Big Bear shed some tears over another chance gone of being a daddy. And while he shed a few tears and was hurting inside, he had to try to comfort me bawling my eyes out and fighting not to get down. I do love him even MORE for his constant support and upbeat thoughts that keep me going in this journey of ours. I vow from this time forward to try to be more understanding to his hurts in this journey too. And I ask when you pray for me that you also pray for him. We are spending a few days mending our broken hearts and then moving forward in the next ride of this roller coaster keeping in mind that the payoff at the end is priceless!

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Lindsey said...

What an awesome hubby you have!