Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your trash = my Treasures!

My neighbor helped me unload my treasures from the Jeep last night...he probably thought I was nuts! But I am super pumped over these....how cool will that tractor wheel and old scale be in my flowerbed? VERY cool! Can't you just see the tractor wheel lying up against the fence...She wanted $30 a piece for them and I was standing out there with Big Bear debating on which one I wanted the most b/c I couldn't justify buying them both and she came up and said, "I will give them both to you for $30." And I said, "SOLD!"
And, don't miss the awesome Dr. Pepper Tshirt for 50 cents!! You know I love me some Dr. Pepper!
I forgot to put the rusted milk container she threw in for free! oh well, when I finally get it all in its destination place, I'll take a picture! :-)

At a different yard sale, we spent $1.50 on about 6 books...some where very old and cool...especially the Bible Dictionary and the Bible Atlas. I would say for $40, we made a good haul and had fun to boot! :-)

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Lindsey said...

Love your finds!! We have a wagon wheel in our beds in the front yard....I've said it before but we DO NOT BELONG in this neighborhood. We belong in your neck of the woods!!! Who cares, wagon wheels rock! Can't wait to see pics of it in place!