Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Impressions!

Today was the first day of of my favorite days of the year! It always cracks me up how on the first day they are so quiet and perfect. And, as a teacher, you breathe it in for the moment in time that it is because you know it won't last! ha! I think I am going to enjoy this group. My first impressions are smart, super cute, cute names (I'm talking I could get some baby names out of this class list! ha!), and a few 'spunky' kids mixed in the group. It's going to be a good year. That is, if I can keep up with all the new curriculum changes...I see more bringing work home than I like in my future. :( If you wanna check out just how cute my kids are, then click here.

The best first day of school story that happened at a friend's school:
A 4th grade student walks into his new classroom and says to his teacher, "My name is ***. I can't read and I can't write. But, I know how to pray and my grandma and I got on our knees this morning and prayed someone at this school would teach me to read this year." I totally cried when she told me that! Let's pray for that student and teacher! :)

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Anonymous said...

Class is definitely cute! Probably the 2nd cutest class you've ever had I would say. That story about the other school breaks my heart. God obviously has a plan for that child & that teacher & together they will do wonderful things! On another note, Stella's feelings are terribly hurt that she doesn't get a mention on your Meet the Teacher on the class blog. - M