Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello Real World!

I'm back and while I was gone, I crossed something off my bucket list! Parasailing!! I was SOOO nervous, but I loved it once I did it and I would totally do it again!! I owe a big thanks to my awesome sister-in-law who went up with me to help my scared self!! :) No going back now...we lifted off the back of the boat and once you hit a certain height, it instantly becomes quiet and peaceful.
I am a little, (ok a lot) afraid of heights. I get nervous when people even lean on the rails of a balcony. And this was 1200 feet of line with the height of the riders reaching anywhere from 400 to 800 feet. Let's just say, once you reach a certain height, the difference between 400 ft. and 800 ft. becomes irrelevant! ha! The views were AWESOME!! I loved it! And, am so glad I didn't chicken out!
Coming in...don't get me wrong, while I loved it, I never released my death grip! ha!
After me and Rhonda, John (my bro-in-law) and Ethan (my nephew) went next. It was Ethan's first time too. I love this shot of them going up:
Only 5 things left on the 'ole bucket list:
1. go on a cruise
2. go to New York
3. see the Grand Canyon
4. go to the movies by myself
5. swim with dolphins
More tomorrow... :)

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Trina said...

Your bucket list made me smile. Im glad that you crossed something off of it too, congrats girlie!!

Okay so I prayed for you this morning, but then while doing my hair hours later it came to me to tell you take flaxseed. It's amazing for fertility and many other extremely good things too. I recommend taking 1 tbl. of flaxseed oil with a 1/2 cup cottage cheese every day. You can take it many other forms too. Sprinkle flaxseed over you and Kevin's salads too. Of course, pray, but I know you are doing that. Lots of love!