Monday, August 30, 2010

What?!? Can it be?

I finally feel like I had a good day...whoop! I actually laughed today...that's right, laughed! Giggled!! I unloaded a burden from my shoulders and felt lighter immediately. I have decided on the baby front that we are older than some trying to have a child, but we aren't by any means out of time. We've got plenty of time! Now, that doesn't mean I haven't decided to throw my clomid out the car window! I am sick of that stuff and the mood swings that go with it. However, I will say I have liked the boldness it gives me in taking up for myself instead of just letting people walk over me. Maybe I can keep that side effect and give up the weight gain and the emotional roller coaster! :-) On the money front, I have faith that God will provide what we need. And, on the job front, well, I am going to continue to do the best I can while keeping in mind that it is a j.o.b. and not my life.
Here's hoping for more giggles tomorrow! Nighty Night!


Becca B. said...

So glad today was a good day.
So does this mean you are officially done with Clomid?
Praying for you guys, and giving thanks that I get to work with such grat ladies!

Tasha said...

Hang in there...Happy to hear you had a good day...try giggleing more...its addicting.