Monday, September 27, 2010

Here's where we are...

...and some of you are going to like it and others it will drive insane. But it is the road the Benson's are taking. We are all entitled to our opinions - just keep them to yourself unless you agree with us! ha! Seriously, I will keep this short and sweet and try not to hit the T.M.I. category, which is hard to do when talking baby stuff! :)
Here's the baby status in a nutshell: I have some issues going on (as in, I've had that "visitor" for 18 days straight now) and Kevin has some issues going on (abnormalities in the analysis). our minds, we are a year and a half into this journey and we are TIRED and things aren't fun anymore. We are taking a break from all things infertility. No more clomid. EVER! No more ovulation kits. No more counting days. No more worrying about it. We are taking a break from it all, and we are just going to PRAY about it. I mean, in my mind, I think we both have issues, so it is going to take a miracle from God for us to get pregnant anyway. Why not just give it all to Him to handle? I mean, think how awesome it will be when we can give Him all the glory! Happy Day! :) So, there you have it. Get irritated at us for not going to the urologist and doctor all you want. We are taking a break. We are just going to pray. Feel free to join us if you want!
Big, big love and thanks to all who are sticking by us in this journey!

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Lindsey said...

I think what you are doing is the absolute best thing for you and Kevin. Putting it in HIS hands is always the best choice. Prayers sent your way Bensons!!! XOXO