Thursday, September 16, 2010


**First I might rant though!! It is Thursday and on Sunday night my Mom ended up in Urgent Care and was sick from the pain of a kidney stone. A stone that it turns out is too big for her to pass on her own and needs to be broken up. They scheduled her for Wednesday, then called and moved it to tomorrow and THEN today, they called and said the equipment was STILL broken and they had to move it to NEXT Wednesday!!!! Meanwhile, my Mom sits around in pain and isn't able to do anything. My Mom isn't good at sitting still...she is always on the go. (That's why she is so skinny! ha) I am frustrated for her but what can you do? Once again, I will say that insurance is a J.O.K.E! She can go to a different hospital in the same town, but insurance won't cover it there. Urgh!!!

**Kevin's test results are back. Here is a funny ~ I played phone tag with the doctor for two days, so this morning I went in and asked my principal if I could just keep my cell phone out today so I wouldn't miss the doc's call. And, of course, the call comes just as the kids come in from recess. So, I had 20 3rd graders in the room! LOL! I told the doctor if I asked any questions, they would be in code so little ears wouldn't hear! :) We are going on to a urologist for a little more testing. The actual count is good, so some of the abnormalities could just be from him being sick lately. All in all, a good report (let me insert here that sometimes internet research on your own is not your friend and could just start getting you stressed) soon as I felt the anxious thoughts starting in, I said to myself - nope! Done with all that...just going to pray about it. That is all we are going to do for awhile. Yep! :)

**In other news, wish me luck in bringing ZERO work home for the weekend and actually getting this house CLEAN! I really hate that my house is always a mess these days, but not enough to clean it every single day of my life! Oh, how I miss having a cleaning lady!! Hopefully soon, we can pay off some of the business debt and hire a new one. A girl can dream...I don't ask for much! ha!

**Have a good weekend! Sooo...glad tomorrow is Friday! Go HOGS Go!

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