Sunday, September 26, 2010


We had a most uneventful weekend...those are good to have every now and then. We were supposed to go watch our high school team play football on Friday night, but I have not been feeling great because of some 'girl issues' so we stayed home. And, my heating pad was my best friend on Friday night. BUT, it was all made better when Rex's buddy, Chase, came over to spend the weekend with us so his foster momma could go see the Hogs play. This was probably the last time Chase will get to visit as he heads to his forever home next week. Yay for Chase! Hope they realize what a great dog they are getting! Other than the excitement of having two boxers in the house and the near win of the Razorbacks, that is about the extent of our weekend. Exciting stuff huh? :) Next weekend is scrap weekend and I think we are taking the pups on a hike. Should help us have something to look forward to as the work week hits!

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