Sunday, October 10, 2010

Concessions Weekend

We are almost all unpacked and cleaned up from our concession weekend. So many little stories and pictures to share and I'm too tired tonight to even upload pics! ha! And, tomorrow, I work until almost 7:30 pm, so no promises until at least Tuesday! :)
You know, we didn't make a ton of money or anything, but we had a good weekend. It was a good family weekend. The weather was nice. We got to spend time together doing something we love. And, I got to eat concession stand food all weekend! I L.O.V.E. concession stand food! LOL! We were doing concessions for a horse show and that equals family time and watching my niece ride. Friday night even my Mom and Dad were in the show! Whoop!
My favorite memory from this weekend is watching my niece Saturday morning in the arena by herself riding Mindy bareback. GORGEOUS! I just was in awe of the beauty of the two of them together. There is no doubt that Mindy is her horse.
Best food from the weekend was my most awesome cheeseburger last night! I mean, my husband can rock out some food! That cheeseburger was up there with the BEST ever!
Excitement from the weekend was the drunk hospital escapee that showed up at the horse show and my concession stand window bleeding from the back of the head and scratched up all over his face. I mean, where he came from we don't know...(we assume the hospital, he still had a bracelet on and when the ambulance came to get him, they said he had just left there an hour before). He claimed 3 cowboys jumped him at the gate and beat him up. I am thinking he was just delusional from whatever he was on, but I felt sorry for him and I kept wondering what happened to him. You know it wasn't so long ago that was Kevin...and it made me stop and praise Jesus for the changes in our lives!
Ok...I'll stop there...Big Bear has my ribs ready for dinner! Yummo! :)

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