Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Country Folk

My Mom and niece would be content to live on a horse farm and just ride everyday. They are in their element during these horse shows...I didn't get any shots of Mom though. I watched some of the show through the concession stand window! Here is a first...they had to get the calves in a gate. Funny to watch but I was exhausted by this point....ha My dad driving the tractor to drag the arena...I thought he was cute! :)
I wish my pics I got of Autumn running Mindy riding bareback hadn't turned out blurry. It was a beautiful sight!My absolute favorite from the weekend. I know she is my niece, but she is just gorgeous...and even more beautiful with her horse. This horse does whatever Autumn wants her to do.
My dad is now riding Shena...she was supposed to be Autumn's horse, but the bond between rider and horse is totally with Mindy. She was just meant to be Autumn's horse.Not sure what the goal was with this during the obstacle coarse...Until next season.... :)

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