Sunday, October 3, 2010

Escape to the Woods

Saturday was a nice, peaceful day. Just what we needed! :) I love it when we decide about 10 minutes before we head out where we are going...sometimes we just go where the road takes us. Saturday it took us to Hot Springs National Park. We went on an almost 2 mile hike and needless to say, we are so out of shape, but it was still an awesome day! I love being in the middle of the woods ~ especially when I'm with Big Bear and the doggies! There are lots of dog friendly trails at Hot Springs National Park and they are all well marked and nice and wide for when you meet other hikers.
If Rex were off leash, we would have lost him to every squirrel, butterfly or other creature in the woods! ha!
Here we are "resting" at the halfway point:

Where to next daddy?After our little hike, we loaded up our tired selves and our tired puppies and went to McClard's BBQ. (and ruined everything we accomplished with our healthy hike!ha) Anyway...we got some lunch and went up the road to a really neat park to eat. It was a busy park....lots of birthday parties, people fishing in a little pond, and a revival service of some kind going on. At one point in our exploring the park, a little boy who was deaf came up to pet the dogs. AND, they were actually GOOD! He picked up on our hand signals for making them sit and read their name tags and was giving them commands to sit and just loving all over them. It was a heartwarming moment in an already great day.

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Vader's Mom said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. Glad you had lovely weather to enjoy with your hubby and puppies. (They look so happy!)