Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nothing went as planned... was THAT kind of weekend. I mean, I had great plans of a lazy Friday night catching up with DVR, a Saturday of scrapbooking and boxer playdates, and just enjoying the house to myself while Kevin was in the woods camping with the guys. It was not meant to be...Here is how it really went in shortened version:
*Friday night - Kevin broke down AGAIN in Meatzilla on the way to his camping trip. I was just getting settled in and deciding on my take-out when the call came to come get him. Tow truck came for Meatzilla, I came to get Kevin and the camper, and the guys came to get their camping food. All signs point to the transmission being kaput in Meatzilla. Consider that Meatzilla is a $1500 vehicle that runs half the time and the fact that we don't even have the money for the tow truck and you can imagine our stress on Friday night. We were pretty low on Friday night, but we did all we could do - we prayed about it.
*Saturday - while I would have loved to have spent the day scrapbooking in peace, instead, I drove Kevin to a catering, helped him with it and then came home to do school work. I had to get my chores done so we could go to my parents to get Kevin something to drive the next day.
*Sunday brought even MORE adventures our way and many blessings. Anyone that knows my dad will not be surprised that at my parents place, there was a suburban sitting around not being used that Kevin can drive for FREE. So, we don't have to worry about buying a new vehicle right now. Blessing! It gets better gas mileage. Blessing! It has air conditioning. Blessing! It is nicer than Meatzilla. Blessing! Did I mention it is free to use as long as we need? Blessing! My dad had also chopped up some pecan limps for smoking meats. Blessing! And, just to throw in a little something extra, Mom gave us some cast iron skillets that no one was using, but she knew Kevin would. Blessing! Yep, what we thought was disastrous on Friday was really a blessing in disguise. Funny how that works! :) And, to keep us on our toes, on the drive home, just as we were within 10 miles from home, we drove into a tornado and were being whipped all over the interstate by the winds...we can find adventures, yes we can!
Meet the New Meatzilla:


Lindsey said...

So many unplanned blessings!! Glad it all worked out, and that the new meatzilla has AC!

Vader's Mom said...

God is so cool!! Happy that your weekend ended on such a great note!