Sunday, October 17, 2010

NW Arkansas Weekend

We headed to NW Arkansas Friday after work in a much anticipated trip to get my hands on Caleb, my BFF's new baby. I have waiting too long...I've seen all these precious pictures and he is already 7 weeks old. This child is even MORE precious in person if you can believe it. I mean, he has fat rolls for days! I have already put in my request with God for a little chubby baby like this!!
Friday night we visited and we were highly entertained by Jacob (Caleb's big brother). I wish I could remember some of his one liners that had me rolling!! Once I asked him if he had a girlfriend while looking at his class picture and he said, "no, none of those girls are hot!" heehee! A second grader and a 7 week old...what a difference! Saturday morning, we headed out to watch Jacob show his skills at his Upward football game. I think he made all the touchdowns and once he got the ball...look out! That kid is FAST!
That is Jacob trying to catch the kid with the ball!
During the game, I got to feed Caleb and burped a baby for the first time. BIG deal for me because everyone knows I am not a baby person, but I am in awe of this one!! I couldn't get enough of him!!
After the game, Michelle and I left the kids with the men and went to the craft fair for a bit. And, we both got some of our Christmas shopping done! Whoot! I have been wanting a sign for my living room over my wedding picture and am having one custom made. I will wait and share those details when it arrives, but the craft fair was a successful trip. And p.s. cheesecake on a stick=GOOD! Just get something to drink too! ha
And of course, we watched the Hogs and then had to go to drown our sorrows over some yummy Catfish at the Catfish Hole. was the long trip home. I couldn't figure out how to hide Caleb in my bag so he is safely left behind with his momma! :)

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