Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whew...what a whirlwind weekend...

I can't even put our weekend into one post. First, it would be too long and second, I am exhausted and don't know I have the energy left. We got a phone call from Kevin's sister Friday afternoon that they had been given 6 indoor club seat tickets to the Razorback game. They let the nephews pick one friend each to take with them and they said, "Call Aunt Lori and see what they are doing this weekend." Woohoo! I let Kevin go with me...heehee!
Anyway, we had already set up to have our pictures made with the dogs Saturday morning. A friend at work has a husband who is starting a photography business. I'll post the pics when we get them. I'm super excited! We've never done anything like that and just thought it would be fun and he wanted some practice because he's just getting started, so we are bartering and paying them in food for pictures! ha! So, we had to get up early Saturday and go to the park for pictures and of course, the dogs dug in the mud RIGHT BEFORE we walked out the door...and then Rex did his little "speed demon bolting action" routine and we had to chase him down at the park...craziness! Larry may not want to do people and their dogs photos again! ha! But it was fun.
As soon as we got home from that, we situated the dogs and hit the road for my sis-in-laws house and headed to Fayetteville for the game (and on the way, my awesome nephew Austin even helped me grade papers! yay!). Our seats were AWESOME! It's a comfortable way to watch the game for sure and no worries about the your own concessions. Nice! Big thanks to my nephews for picking us to tag along! :)
We had a blast...but the ride home was long and late. We got back about 1 in the morning and had to get up Sunday morning at 6 am....AND, to top it off, when we got home Rex had gotten sick and we had to clean that up before we could officially crash...but we didn't care. It was a great day! Oh, and the Hogs won! :)Saturday was whirlwind as you can see...and today was more of the same...tune in tomorrow for more! ha

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