Monday, November 1, 2010

And then the next day...

Yesterday's post got you through Saturday...tired? So, after getting in at 1 in the morning and cleaning up after a sick dog, we crash and get up at 6 am to head to John 3:16 Ministry in Charlotte, AR (2 hours away). It was great to see everyone and hear all the testimonies. Makes me praise Jesus even more for Kevin and the ministry!! Immediately after service, we headed to a catering (the give-away catering from the auction at the Beverly Tapp Golf Tournament). The same guy who won it the year before bid on it and won it again! After frying some fish, we jumped BACK in the car for our 2 hour drive home. We hurried so that Kevin could teach his 4th grade boys group at church - only to get home, drive to church and realize it was cancelled for Trunk or Treat! ha! so, after some laundry and school work, I crashed BIG TIME! Today was a long day too, but another good one. Praise Jesus! :)

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