Sunday, November 7, 2010


It has been an all around great 4 day break from the stresses of work. I purposefully did zero school work because it will still be there after this break and it was time for some family time! Thursday was the least fun day because we started by scrubbing the house, and for some reason, that always causes some arguments. ha!
Friday we took the pups to Petit Jean Mountain and had a picnic and went on a hike. It was gorgeous weather and beautiful views everywhere you looked! This is one of those to put on the list to go back and hike a different trail next time. This is me (Momma Bear and her cubs) in one of the little caves...actually this one is called Bear Cave. I mean, look at all that surrounded awesome! And, PS, Stella is a horrible I am pretty sure she is looking back at me for help at this point! ha!
This was our amazing view when we were eating lunch...and the start place for our trail. One of those times where you sit in awe of God and His creations. :)
The rest of our "time off"...which we were blessed by both having time off at the same time...whoohoo...we spent having lunch with Kevin's mom, going to flea markets, looking at furniture (a mistake! ha!), watching Tanner's senior play (a dinner/murder mystery - fun!), meeting Michelle & family for lunch today, and of course, enjoying a Razorback win! I even squeezed in some scrapbooking...I am waaaayyyy behind. All in all, a most awesome break from reality. And, now I go back to work for 12 workdays and then have Thanksgiving Break. Yay!

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