Sunday, November 21, 2010

You won't believe it... will probably think I am exaggerating, but NO, this is really how the past few days have gone. This week and last week have been run, run, run, go, go, go. Well, Thursday, right after work, I went straight to get my hair cut and then straight into the phone call "honey, where are you? Meatzilla is dead. Come get me." Well, crap! #1, this is the NEW Meatzilla and #2, we are supposed to be at church at 6:30 for our first Upward meeting! Big Bear is almost home...he is on this little narrow road that you get on to get to our neighborhood. Long story short, I get a tow rope and slowly the Jeep pulls him the last of his drive home. Now, keep in mind the New Meatzilla has been sitting for over a year, so it would make sense we do a little maintenance to get her going properly again. And, let me throw in here that car after car after car went around us and no one stopped to help. We had to go buy a tow rope, so it took awhile of trying other things first and then walking into the neighborhood to try to borrow one before I went and bought one. Anyway...we do live in the same neighborhood as our youth pastor, and he is the only one who stopped to see if he could help. :) We even managed to make our Upward Meeting (just a few minutes late) and we are assigned 1st and 2nd graders!! Scary! :) More updates on that as they progress...
Fast forward to Friday and the New Meatzilla gets her first tow. I told Big Bear we need a punch card from Charlie's Towing that every 10th tow is free! ha! Turns out, it was the distributor and some wire??? Whatever, it was $400. And, here is the really cool part - earlier in the week, we had been blessed with an extra $500 that I had sitting in my Bible!! So, no worries! But, is the drama over? NO! That would be too easy! ha! So...I get home from work and we are supposed to head out to Rector for Big Bear's family Thanksgiving on Saturday. It's a 3 hour trip, and they do a fish fry, so his mom asked if he could bring our fish cooker. No problem....and then, we debate, do we take the Jeep that we've never had any trouble out of or do we take the Suburban that just got out of the shop? We decide it is safer to take the Jeep...hook up the trailer with the fish cooker...hit the road. We make it to Cabot and stop to eat and fill up on gas. As we are getting back on the interstate, we both hear something funny. Being the non-mechanics we are, even if we would have stopped, we would have checked the trailer with the cooker NOT under the hood. So, we get about 3 minutes down the road and for the first time in 7 years, my 'check gauges' light comes on and we are overheated. Strange!?! Kevin immediately turns on the heat and it goes back down and the light goes off. I am a bit panicked and impressed at the same time. THEN, about another minute or two and same thing happens only this time it won't cool back down. Then, we start loosing speed, we see an exit ahead and try to make it to that. Then, funny noises. We make the exit and loose all power as I pull over. When we get out, there is HUGE amounts of smoke coming out from under the hood. I wanted to cry. I admit, I do love my Jeep. She's been a good car and I thought for sure she was a goner and on fire!! Within a minute, I promise, a minute or less, someone had pulled over to help THAT IS A MECHANIC!!! Can you say "Amen Jesus!" He looks at it and immediately tells us that the water pump busted and the serpentine? belt broke. Ok...we know the problem & we are stranded in the middle of nowhere (probably about 40 minutes from home and a little over an hour from my parents house). Luckily, we don't have the dogs with us on this trip...we only have a trailer to worry about. You can't tow a vehicle and a trailer. Bubby and my Dad to the rescue! Dad has a car hauler and came to haul the Jeep to his house to work on and Bubby came with his extra truck to haul the trailer. But, when he got there, he generously offered his truck to us to get the rest of the way to Rector and drive until Dad fixed the Jeep. AND, he and Valerie stayed there with us until Dad got there (which took almost 2 hours)...we had good talks and laughs. So, I do have to add, that ridicuously, it made me sad to see the Jeep go up on the car was like loading her into an ambulance. Poor Jeep...we've been together on many a road trip. Hope she's back to normal soon!!
So, we made it to Rector at 1 in the morning and we were supposed to be there at 8 pm! ha! The Jeep is with my parents and I am driving my Bubby's Dodge Ram. (which is amazing because remember what happened last time I borrowed his truck? Go here for more adventures! ha!) But I do love a big truck! The adventures we get ourselves into! :)

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