Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So...today was more organizing and cleaning out before my doctor appointment. And, of course he removed yet another suspicious spot. We are up to 16 now!!! CrAzY! Stay out of the sun people! Use your sunscreen! Every freckle, sun spot and mole I have are from the stinkin' sun and my younger stupid days of lathering up in baby oil and baking. Luckily, I didn't lay in tanning beds a lot, but I did some in college. I know that didn't help either. I will get the results on this one next week, but I am not worried. This doctor makes me see him almost every 3 months and keeps a close eye on everything. Of course, he also says I am skin cancer waiting to happen...that isn't exactly comforting.
And, tomorrow, I have my follow-up appointment from my surgery.
This post makes me feel old. LOL! Too many doctor appointments!

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