Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Christmas Gathering of 2010

My Bubby's family My mom, me and Valerie

This weekend was Christmas at Granny' NE Arkansas we went. After a crazy busy week, we rushed to get out the door on Friday. Rushed to the point that Kevin even forgot to pack any pants! ha! But, we loaded up the pups and stayed with Kevin's parents all weekend. Then, we had Christmas at my Granny's on Saturday. I really love that our families are from the same area and have known each other their whole lives. I mean, Kevin's granny and my great-grandma used to pick cotton together when they were young. How cool is that? :)
Anyway, here are the kids waiting on their presents...the "kids" are growing up FAST! Maybe someone in the family will have a little one soon and bring some youth back! ha! :) Now, to smoke turkeys and hams for folks for Christmas...then more celebrating with family.
Merry Christmas!

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