Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our big Christmas gift!

Taadaa! We put all our Christmas money together from both our parents and Kevin's sister and got a new couch and ottoman!! The ottoman is our favorite!! It has the couch colors and our wall colors in it. Our old couch had a busted spring and every time you sat down, it made a squeaking noise, plus, it was pretty shot otherwise. We are trying to keep the dogs off all furniture except the ottoman. I'll keep you posted on that....ha...and right now, all furniture is covered in blankets because it is muddy outside and we don't want those paw prints on our the new stuff. THANK YOU MOM, DAD, MOMMA GAYLE, POP, JOHN AND RHONDA!!!!
We LOVE it!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Flashbacks of the old ottoman w/ the doggie damage. Tell those pups to be nice to your new furniture. It is lovely & looks so comfy!

Vader's Mom said...

Me likey!!