Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's here...tomorrow is surgery day. I've been a little nervous today - not going to lie. I had to send a "pray for me" email out to my prayer groups so I could pull it together to get through the day. You know, it takes A LOT of work for a teacher to be out for 2 days...boy howdy! It's so much easier to just go to work!
The support has just been overwhelming...I feel loved to say the least! People bringing us food, bringing me get well baskets with Dr. Pepper :-), praying for us, sitting with us, and helping me get all my stuff done. I love you all!
I'll be back soon...Kevin should update facebook or through some emails. I am hoping to sleep tomorrow and be back in the race Friday...wishful thinking or answered prayer? :)
Pray for our peace of mind, for me not to be scared, and for the doctor to get all of it this first time. It goes without saying to ask that it not be cancer.

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