Monday, December 27, 2010

Rewind...Christmas Day

Christmas morning was stocking stuffers here at the filling Kevin's stocking every year and love seeing what treasures he found me! :) This year, I got him a vintage Razorback license plate for his vintage vehicles! And, I found him a vintage Razorback patch. Gotta love ebay! I think his otter box for his iphone was his favorite among all the goodies. I got some Razorback earrings (see a theme here?), a cool new T-shirt, notepads, two AWESOME CD's (Chris Tomlin and Mercy Me), and then...TaMolly's gift cards!! Big Bear ROCKS! Then, it was off to Mom & Dad's... Yep, a country Christmas complete with rifles and pistols after opening gifts!
My Mom and Carly after presents were all opened...she is so lucky I didn't sneak Carly home. That pup is precious!
I had a blanket made for Autumn, mom & Dad, & Bubby & Valerie for Christmas of Autumn bareback on her horse. :)For us, Christmas revolves around my gorgeous niece and has since she was a baby. She is the absolute center of my parents and my Bubby's world. She's pretty special!

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