Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rewind...Christmas Eve

We spend Christmas Eve with Kevin's family, Christmas morning at home with the furkids, and Christmas afternoon with my family. So, let's start with Christmas Eve...only bummer was Ethan (the oldest nephew) was sick. :( We had some really good food with John cooking us all yummy steaks and followed up with some yummy dessert!
I was impressed that John let Strut inside - the cat that used to be a stray but has clearly found his home! ha!
The pumpkin cheesecake was the BEST! oh wow - yummy! I love that the Benson's love their desserts!
Pretty sure from the reaction they liked their scrapbooks I made them of our family Florida trip this summer. Yay! :)
Trying to get family photos! Any cooperation?
A good Christmas Eve...then we got home and our pups had ended their good streak of being good while out unattended. They tore up one of their new dog beds they had gotten for Christmas. Shame! Shame! So sad to get spankings on Christmas Eve! ha

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