Monday, December 6, 2010

Some good news!

My Monday morning started off a little rough...another broken down car on the way to work (my Mom's Envoy that I'm driving til the Jeep is fixed)...turned out to be just a dead battery and Wal-Mart had me back up and going in under 20 minutes. And the battery was free! Bonus! I almost let it get me down when I first pulled really, this is happening again? But, a little prayer and a phone call to my brother and I had my chin back up.
Now, after that start, I ended the day on a high note! You know, the Benson's were in need of some good, what is it? I was voted teacher of the year for my school!! What an honor!! I mean, if I could explain the level of teachers I work with everyday, you would know that I feel incredibly humbled to be honored at this school! The women I work with are all top-notch teachers, so for them to vote for me makes me feel really, really good! I am pretty sure my mouth dropped open when my principal announced it! I love my job! What a blessing in itself to be able to say that! :) Oh, and I asked if this honor came with a new car, but no such luck! ha!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Congrats on "Teacher of the Year" award. That's great.
SAying a little prayer that all goes well tomorrow. Good luck!