Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Jeep,

I have loved you for seven years, and you have been good to me. You have hauled all my landscaping stuff and sometimes been a truck. You have tolerated hauling dogs around and dog slobber on your seats and windows...not to mention the dog hair. You never complained because the back seats always were down for the dogs. Never did you sputter or groan about all the road trips and many, many miles we have traveled together. What are we up to? 146,000? I was so very sad the night you broke down and had smoke coming from under your hood. And, to watch you get loaded up on that car hauler was like seeing you being put into an ambulance. I have missed you over the past two months, and I really, really need you to give your ALL and start running properly again so you can come home. Once you are home, I will clean you up and get you shiny again. And, then we can say a proper goodbye. I know you want me to be happy so do this last thing for me and START RUNNING PROPERLY AGAIN! It's been two's time! Thank you for your cooperation, and I hope to see you by the end of the week.
Your owner

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