Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GREAT new/Bad news

Want the awesome great news first or the bad news first?....Let's go with bad news first and end on a great note!!
Bad news - short version - we went to get the Jeep today. Yep, almost 2 months after the break down. We made it about 10 minutes down the road and the check engine light came on and back she went to the shop. False alarm. She isn't ready to come home. Wish we'd have known that BEFORE we drove 2 hours to get her!!!!! I feel like I wasted my snow day! ha! But, it was nice to have lunch with my momma at one of my absolute favorite places to eat! :) And, hopefully, in the next week or so, this guy can get the Jeep running and in the meantime, we are looking for something else for me to drive. It's time to admit the Jeep has run its course and say goodbye - as much as I love her, we must part ways. :( Now, we just gotta find something I love JUST as much! The challenge is ON!

GREAT news....drum roll.....Kevin was accepted to be a Gideon! He is a second generation Gideon. His dad is one too. How awesome is that?!?! Pretty awesome! I am super proud of him!!! And proud to be married to him and call him my husband! :-) Love you Big Bear!

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