Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Early

Snow again! School let out at noon. Let me say this:
snow + early dismissal = CrAzY chaos!

What a crazy afternoon! Calling 20 parents with hyper snow-loving children in the room...stressed out teacher! Plus, we had to go to the cafeteria, get our trays and EAT IN THE ROOM! Fun? Not! Glad that experience is over and apparently we have to make up a 1/2 day. Boo!

Upward practice is cancelled tonight too. Maybe, just maybe, I can finish this teacher of the year application (that puts me in the district running). It is L.O.N.G.!!!! I have already put hours in it and am not finished!

Now, everyone cross those fingers and toes I get my Jeep tomorrow as planned!

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