Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One drama down!

The Tahoe is in the garage and this time it is officially mine!!! In true Benson style (you know nothing is simple or easy with us!), we literally drove the Jeep to the car lot and when we stop, smoke starts coming from it. I am NOT making this up! This sweet girl walks up to Kevin and says "Do you know that car is smoking?" HA! Umm...yes we do! By the grace of God we made it from Newport to home last night. It makes all kinds of noises and smokes. But, we made it! I didn't even drive it to work today because I was afraid I wouldn't make it back. So, in good news, we knew we had no choice but to trade it in. The Jeep was just dead. After a little over 146,000 miles together and 7 years, we said goodbye. I LOVE the Tahoe, but I was a little sad to say goodbye to the Jeep. I admit it. Plus, I am going to be on a very tight budget for awhile. all know what is going to happen now right? We are going to get pregnant. Why? Because I am spending our kids daycare money on a new ride. Yep, when we go to work, the Tahoe will have to watch the kid! LOL!
*Pictures tomorrow, I am too tired tonight and it's dark. :)

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Anonymous said...

Okay so you are never, ever to get near my car! Crazyyyy on the Jeep but so happy you have the Tahoe! - M