Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our newest toy...

Little delay in getting pics of the new ride taken and posted...the day after I got it, I was sick as a dog. I even left work mid-day and came home and slept til the next morning. I feel fine now but I've passed it to Kevin and I have no voice. Could it be the Arkansas weather? 70 degrees today and yesterday and then Tuesday night down in the 20's??? Anyway - here she is...she's so shiny and pretty! It was for sure a mom mobile though...needs a little more detailing in the back where the kid zone was...maybe with my birthday money, I can get that done! :)
And, this is now the dog zone! LOL! We already took out the third row seats that we'll never use. They are currently sitting in the living room, but I am sure they will eventually make it to the storage shed! ha!Tons more room and I think the gas mileage is about what I got in the Jeep...the only downside is having a car payment and coming up with sales tax!! But that's life!
So, two months of vehicle drama comes to an end and finally we have a reliable ride again. As soon as Upward season is over, we are going on a road trip! :)

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