Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lots happening...
*Upward basketball practice was tonight. We have our first game on Saturday. I thought my devotion time was a flop, but there's always next time. Overall, the practice was the best they have had! :)
*My Jeep is getting closer by the day of being ready. After almost 2 months (yes, 2 months!!!) of being without my Jeep, it is at a shop and waiting on one more part. The end is in sight. And, the bill isn't toooo bad. And fortunately, I have had my mom's car to drive in the meantime.
*My doctor bills from my surgery have started rolling in. So far, just one. And, not bad. But I know more are coming...
*I had a great vacation over Christmas break and school is kicking my butt this week! Teaching is one career where you can go from "caught up" to "behind" in less an hour!
*We are still loving our new furniture and I plan to use my birthday money to buy a new rug for the living room. :)
*Tomorrow is Homework Lunch club, Matilda movie, and cultural show and tell...maybe I can get organized during Matilda!
*Wish us luck on Saturday for our first basketball as coaches!!! :)

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