Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's a 3 day weekend! Whoot! I realize I just came off a 4 day weekend with the snow, but who doesn't like earning a paycheck and having long weekends? :)
Yesterday we had our Upward Basketball game. We are really starting to love these kids!! This week we only had 4 players, so they didn't get a rest break. They were worn out! I've got to get a picture of me and Kevin in our coach attire! LOL! After the game and a few errands, we ran by my friend's dealership and looked at a Tahoe and talked financing and vehicles...there was a lot of boring boy talk about engines and such. BUT, here is what I know, the '07 black Tahoe that I looked at while they were detailing it, I LOVE! I wouldn't even miss the Jeep and we all know how I love my Jeep! :) Anyway, it is a wait-and-see. We are waiting for the Jeep to be ready (hopefully tomorrow) and then we will see what all got traded in over the weekend at the dealership and go from there. Soon, we will have a reliable vehicle again.
Today, we went to John 3:16 Ministries, and we were a bit nervous a few times in Meatzilla II as we traveled 2 hours from home. We almost just wait on our next break down! ha!Pulling up to this camp just makes me think back to the first time we drove through that gate...we were at the bottom. Kevin was at rock bottom, and I had reached my limit. I think back to how low we were and how this camp was the starting point for turning that all around and bringing us to Jesus. Oh wow, the changes that life takes with Jesus at your side! I wouldn't trade it for anything! I have said it before and I will say it again. I will forever be grateful to this camp for taking our hands and showing us love and acceptance and leading us to God. I will forever be grateful to them for Kevin and the man he is now. May Bryan and Beverly be blessed!!
And, I pray for all the men at the camp now and the graduates. Feel free to pray with me.

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