Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I knew that the medical bill situation from my surgery was just too good to be true...they were just too "payable". Well, then came today and BAM! Of course, just as I need to be gathering sales tax for the Tahoe, but that doesn't matter because I couldn't pay this one even if I wanted to. First of all, it is total bogus!!! Today I got a notice from my insurance company that they wouldn't cover $5,947.85 of my surgery due to it being a cosmetic procedure. Huh?!?! I wasn't aware I had a cosmetic procedure. NOR, did I elect to have this done! It was pre-cancerous growth and I am still not healed from it. The surgery was December 9th!! Would I do this to myself ON PURPOSE?!? For cosmetic reasons????? Ummm....I am going to go with NO!
So, I have zero voice at the moment. For some reason, I lost my voice yesterday. And, yes today, I completely taught my class by typing on the smartboard all their directions and what I needed to say. Good times! As soon as I get my voice back, I will be calling to get this cleared up. Insane!!!!

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