Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Game

This was our last week of Upward Basketball...I totally cried last night! What a wimp I am! I get too attached to kids to have to say goodbye!! But how could I not? Look how stinkin' cute they are: I took notes during the games so we would know who to give out stars to after the game, so I never had time to take pictures. Since Saturday was our last game, I made myself stop and take some pictures and video so I could look back and remember these moments and these boys. This is by far my favorite picture from the day and this little boy just stole my heart....
We had 7 boys on our team and 7 different personalities...they really were funny. Our team name was the Sharks and I think the best quote from the season was when we were getting ready to play the Huskies. Ty said, "The Sharks are hungry and Huskies taste good." Ha!It was next to impossible to get all of them to cooperate for a picture...when Kevin asked Marshall why he got under the table he said, "Because she had already taken one picture and one is enough." Ha!
Love these boys...Thursday for our practice we had two boys show up amidst all the tornado warnings and we still had fun. Kevin and I played them 2 on 2 and once again I realized how out of shape I truly am!Tomorrow night is our Awards banquet and then the season is officially over. :( I can only hope that I made as much of an impact on these boys as they did for me.

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Laura said...

Y'all are so great for doing that! See - I'm blogging AND reading other blogs!! ;)