Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make-up Week

This week is just crazy busy trying to fit in all the make-up's from our blizzard last week. And in true Arkansas weather...blizzard last week and single digit temps, this week 70 degrees. Yep!
Yesterday, I made up 9 parent/teacher conferences after school, one today, and I think 5 tomorrow...I'll be close to done! Whoot!
Today, we made up our Upward game. FUN! The kids played sooo good! And one kid was cracking me up. He was having a GREAT time but not paying any attention to the game at all. At one point he was running up and down the court with head back and giggling. Cuteness! He was having the best time but had NO clue where the ball was! Ha!
Tomorrow, we have Funtastic Friday at church. This will be my first time to volunteer, but Kevin has done it a few times. It's pretty cool. I only wish we would have had a kid area like at our church when I was little. I need to get some pics...pool tables, basketball courts, concession stands, rows of tvs with video games hooked up, arcade name it, they have it. Then for Funtastic Friday, they set up all these blow-up things and rock climbing. Parents can drop off their kids and go have a date night. I should be good and tired by tomorrow night! ha!
After Upward on Saturday, we are going to have to do something to enjoy this awesome weather!!! And, at some point, I need to slow down and clean this house and grade some papers!

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