Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only in Arkansas...

...will you see a post with snow pictures and over 7 inches of snow followed by sunshine pictures and being outside with no coat on!!! Seriously, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were snow blanketed days (fun days though!) and today and yesterday, we have been outside enjoying the sunshine with temperatures nearing 60 degrees!!! Crazy!! The pups and the cats have all been outside soaking up the sunshine and as I soon as I stepped out back, Stella immediately found her tennis ball! ha! You can see the last of our snow castle in the background here... I can totally hear Rex saying "I don't know why she is so nuts about that ball!" And Stella saying "pllllleeeeeassssse throw it one more time!" LOL!
Nala ... heehee... that face is why everyone is so scared of her! She can tell Rex to back off with her eyes! :)

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