Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow days!

Stella emptied the ice out of her water bucket and it was like a new toy! It's the little things!
I think we may be going for a record this year!! We got a snow day on Friday and usually I am all about the anticipation of a possible snow day. This one I was clueless about and totally surprised. Kevin came to bed late Thursday night and whispered to me to look out the window in the morning before I got ready because the news was saying 60% of snow. So, I did. I got up and looked outside. Nothing! I may have stomped to the shower pouting...not sure. So, I got ready (I don't turn the tv on in the mornings because most mornings Kevin is still sleeping). I get my breakfast and log onto to facebook and see school is out. What?!? Then I turn on the news...oh, it's coming. And, bam! Good thing they cancelled because it came within the hour and the schools that didn't cancel were sending kids home within the hour. Nightmare! The roads got bad and I have been snuggled in at home for a day and a half now and loving it!! My husband on the other hand gets cabin fever and has been out and about. It's a man thing!
Now, they are calling for snow tomorrow night and again on Wednesday...we are at 3 1/2 snow days now...the question many will we have total? This is crazy! We've NEVER gotten this much snow. I kindof like it!! Maybe one more round and I'm done! ha!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you aren't going to be liking it when we're still in school on June 9th assuming we don't get any more. Boo!