Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Fun!!

This has been a fun snow...the kind you get to play in! We got 7 1/2 inches here and have been snowed in for two days. It is still super cold today but the sun is shining, so we might be able to get out by tomorrow. Wonder how many parents will show up for parent/teacher conferences tomorrow? ha!
We spent day 1 (when the snow was steady coming down all day) having snow ball fights with the neighbor kids. The little ones next door think Big Bear hung the moon and it was fun watching them grin and scream and run! Then, the big kids got involved and we had to retreat! Day 2 was operation Hog snow is complete and I am pretty sure my toes were frozen solid by the time we finished. :)The pups are always ready to play in the snow...they have ran and wrestled and ate snow for 2 days!They got wise and started coming over the fence at us...we grabbed a pan and just filled it up and started dumping it on them!Look out Big Bear! Run!!
Getting ready for our sneak attack...we stockpiled 27 snowballs and snuck up to the fence with buckets. Then, counted down and came over the fence at the same time and bombed the kids with snowballs. They loved it!
It's been fun, but surely that is the last snow of 2011?!?!

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