Sunday, February 20, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

It was a busy weekend full of serving Jesus!! That's the good busy! :) I'll just give you the highlights...
*Funtastic Friday was pretty awesome and exhausting at the same time. By the time we got home, I had put in about a 15 hour day and felt every bone and muscle in my body throbbing. But it was totally worth it! One of our Upward Basketball players came and watching him dance and sing during the devotion time was priceless! I also made a new friend, a most precious 6 year old who for some reason attached herself to me and Big Bear and was our little side kick all night. She thought it was so funny when she figured out we were married! ha! And, guess what? Her mom was 39 when she had know I am always uplifted when I hear things like that!! :)
*Saturday our kids played awesome for the Basketball game. This upcoming week is our last week. I am going to miss these kids!! It's going to be hard to say bye. I don't think Big Bear realizes it yet. And, in more good news, one of our Upward players came to visit our church today! Yay!! Awesomeness!!

I do have one request - pray with me about this hospital bill from my surgery. I got the letter from my doctor on Friday to send in and appeal their denial and coding. Pray it does the trick. This owing $6000 that I can't pay AND shouldn't HAVE to is a worry I want to disappear!

PS. There is a new post over at the BoxAR blog. Click here or in the sidebar to read. You might see someone you know! :)

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