Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost there!

One more day to Spring Break! I am exhausted!! I've been juggling MY work and trying to stay on top of the books for Kevin's stuff and helping out there. Can you say professional juggler? I am tired and ready for a little break for sure! At the same time, I am so happy for Big Bear that he has been so busy!! And now we are peeling all the stickers off the concessions trailer to get it ready for our logo to go on!! yeee!!! You know I'll have pictures when it is complete! :)
What else is going on?
*Praying about starting a Bible Study for women at my church.
*Praying and pondering on the next steps in our baby Benson saga....more thoughts on that when I'm not utterly exhausted. Maybe in a few days...for whatever reason, it's been on my mind recently and then Kevin said something last night about fostering. Obviously, it has been on his too, but not sure how I feel about fostering. Pondering....

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Tasha said...

Pray about what to do with a child. God will send something your way