Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Honor of Simba

Today, I said goodbye to a friend and companion of almost 15 years...oh how I will miss this boy!! He was one of a kind...there will honestly never be another cat that will even compare! What a personality from the time he was just a baby kitten. I can remember going to pick out a kitten from the 2 litters that were in my Mom's barn. She pointed to him and said he was always into something and not even afraid of the horses. She was worried he was going to get stepped on. He lived up to that personality all of his days...he wasn't afraid of anything and would take on any dog we brought into this house! He could tell you off when his meow and yawl at you until you did what he wanted. He slept on my pillow every night. He greeted guests that came over and wanted to be petted just like the dogs. He thought he WAS a dog! His life became complete when we got the doggie door installed and he could go in and out as he pleased. Oh, how he loved to hunt and bring in his goodies. The worst was the RAT and the snake...neither of which did he bother to KILL! Just wanted to show them to me! We spent many nights and afternoons chasing down live frogs and lizards in the house too...I think he sat back and laughed at us.
I wondered how Simba would be when his beloved Rocky and Jax passed away and we got not one, but two new dogs. One as a 8 week old puppy and one as a 5 month old puppy. Simba didn't blink. I don't think he liked them at first, but he broke them and taught them who was boss just like he did with Rocky and Jax. Even as an old man, he still had "it".
Wherever the dogs and I was Simba. He was always right in the middle of things and usually under your feet. (Again, he thought he was a dog!)
Simba always appreciated a good box of any kind and would happily break it in for you!
And, when the dogs got new dog beds for Christmas, he didn't think that left him out of anything. After all, wasn't he just one of the dogs too? He just made it his own and would share if the mood hit him.
His favorite spot was at the pond...hunting! I'm sure the bullfrogs will miss him too!

My heart has hurt all day and there is an empty place in this house today as we all mourn the loss of our Simba boy. There will never be a replacement. Never.


October 13, 1996 to March 30, 2011


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. Puffy was 18 when she left us. Momma Gayle

Vader's Mom said...

Thank you for the many smiles you brought to my face Simba. You will be missed.

Laura said...

I will miss Simba too!! I have his hair all over my scrapbook bag. So sorry Lori! Will be thinking about you.