Friday, March 4, 2011

Looongg Week!

This was one of those weeks when we had something every night...I am ready to sleep in tomorrow!! Monday night was the Upward Awards Ceremony. I got a little teared up at saying goodby to those boys!! I fell in love with my husband just a little bit more when he was talking to the boys and giving them all Gideon Bibles. Then, Tuesday night the 3rd graders at school were in a performance, "Soda Shop Hop" and it was precious! They were all dressed up in 50's outfits. I want a poodle skirt!!
Now, Wednesday night, I went to Malvern to pick up these two ADORABLE boxer mix puppies: As you can see, Rex and Stella were thrilled to share their toys again!
And, Big Bear wasn't thrilled either when I told him about it, but as you can see, they quickly won him over! LOL!

I loved the puppy breath and having them for one night. It was enough to enjoy them but to realize that getting up in the middle of the night is for the birds! ha! Last night, we took them to my Mom who is fostering them for BoxAR. :)
And, then tonight was a fish fry for my bosses husband's birthday. So, I worked for my boss during the day and my house boss! It was a success! Big Bear cooks the best fish in Arkansas - hands down!!

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Lindsey said...

Those babies make my heart melt! Makes me want another puppy. Hubby does too. However I think I will have to be the voice of reason is this TEENY house...Enjoy!