Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break/Anniversary Trip

*Disclaimer: This may be a long post because I am basically journaling for when I scrapbook these pages. (My memory is horrible!!)
Spring Break is flying by!!! I can't believe it is already Thursday!! It's been a good break with a nice mix of yard work, road trips, and time with my Big Bear. I spent the first few days cleaning up flowerbeds and working in my pond...trying to 'be quiet and listen' (see previous post). So far, I have no more clarity than I did before, but I'll try again tomorrow to settle down and listen! :) Anyway - for anyone with a backyard pond, if your pump goes out in the middle of winter, go ahead and replace it instead of waiting until Spring. I had a huge mess of mud, slush, leaves and yuckness to clean out. And, all my fish had died. So, I was also managing to disturb the habitat of our very loud and large bullfrogs! They really freaked me out the first time I came across them. I pulled one up in the net and it was LARGE! I'll take an after picture once I get some more pond plants and the mulch down tomorrow.
After two solid days of yard and flower bed clean-up, it was time to play for a bit. So, Tuesday night we went to see the Hogs play a baseball game locally. It was a packed house! Sold out! And, I had a hard time getting into the game because we really couldn't see well where we were but it was still fun. I have to put a big THANK YOU in writing right now to my Big Bear for bringing back my love of watching the Razorbacks! In college, I loved watching Hog football, basketball and baseball. I went to all the football home games and lots of the basketball and baseball games. Then, somehow, in my move away from Fayetteville and into Central Arkansas, I lost it. I think it was not having anyone to go with to the games...doesn't matter. Going to all these games has me hooked again! Thanks Big Bear for being my best friend and loving to hang out and go to games together! Seems like a small thing, but it's not!
Wednesday, we followed the Hogs to Memphis and spent the night for our anniversary trip. We aspire to be Road Hogs someday and travel around to all the Hog games! Ha! Kevin took me to some of his favorite places in Memphis and I wondered a few times how I had lived so close to Memphis my whole life and not experienced this town earlier. My favorite food was Central BBQ...BBQ nachos! Yum!!I could see where I would have really enjoyed Beale Street in my college days! ha! I did really love the atmosphere with the music playing everywhere live. Again, kind of crazy that I have lived a few hours from Memphis my whole life and only saw Beale Street as a 38 year old. When my mother instilled a fear of Memphis in me as a young 'un, she did an exceptional job!! haThis picture is horrible, but I just wanted to remember how crazy it was that so many people were lined up to see some ducks walk from a fountain to an elevator!! CrAzY!
After exploring downtown Memphis, we headed to the game. There were Hog fans EVERYWHERE! The line wrapped around the stadium....a sea of red! Loved it!! Look at all those Hog fans...the Memphis team is blue...and it was a home game for them, but the Hog fans overtook the stadium!
And our seats were mucho better last night than they were Tuesday night...behind home plate, I will take it! And it was a fun night of calling the Hogs and a good game. We were both a little hoarse this morning from cheering!!When we left the park, we headed to Rendezvous to eat ribs. I gotta say here that I am not sure what all the fuss is about there. The ribs were horrible. Kevin swears we must have just gotten a bad rack because they used to be the best.
We walked around a little more this morning and then slowly headed home stopping in Carlisle to eat lunch and shop at a little flea market. All in all, a successful overnight trip. I highly recommend the Madison as a place to stay in Memphis - super friendly staff and great service! Tomorrow, it is back to yard work...mulch day!

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