Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teaching the Pups...

Rex and Stella got to be the big dogs and teach the pups a few tricks...like under the storage building is the coolest spot! Drop the ball at Mom's feet and she will throw it and then RUUUNNN and get it! Come on! Do this over and over until Mom's arm feels like it will fall off!
This is the fine art of mole hunting. Stand guard over the mole tunnels you have been digging.Wait! What was that? Did you hear them? When you hear them, get in there and DIG FAST!Good girl...that's it! Just like that...you will catch a mole in no time!
PS. These adorable pups went to my Mom's for her to foster and she's adopting one because they are just too darn precious! See where I get it from?!?

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