Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Full Weekend

But this one was less stress and more of what I like to do. And since I have been a hormonal wreck all week, that was probably for the best! ha! Friday night, Kevin's parents came to town and we went to the Gideon's State Convention dinner. The only bad part was that we got there on time and all the tables were pretty much taken so we didn't get to sit together. :( But, the speaker was awesome and the testimony was too. It is amazing what ONE little Gideon New Testament can do and how many people's lives it can affect. After some quality family time Saturday morning, Kevin and I made a road trip out to the pond store. It is a BEAUTIFUL drive out there and such a neat place with all the ponds, fish, cats, name it! I think we stayed for almost 2 hours!! We added four new goldfish to the pond (Big Bertha, Dottie, Curly and Moe). Big Bertha is about to unload some eggs!!! And we got some new plants much to the delight of our many frogs!! Check him out: My pond area is my absolute favorite place in the backyard. And now that Kevin has been to the pond store with me, he sees why I want an even bigger pond at our next house! :)
After tackling the pond, I got to work on a project that I have only just now been able to bring myself to do. I made my memorial flowerbed for Rocky and Jax. And don't think just because it has been almost two years, that I didn't cry, because I did. Numerous times. But, once the plants I transplated take root and look fuller, I know I will be happy with it. All that's left is mulch.
I even got my front flowerbed under the big tree done. I was completely exhausted by Saturday night and couldn't move!! Had to go to sleep on a heating pad...but how I love working in my flowerbeds! I am actually excited because this year I know I am not teaching summer school and will have time to piddle in them every morning. Ahhhh!
This morning, we got up feed the homeless under the bridge with some people from our church and my cousin, Kayce. Always a humbling experience. Kevin was able to pass out 40 Bible's this morning and talk to two men about John 3:16 Ministries! Amen!

And our two rotten pups, well, they were happy to greet all visitors this weekend and help in the flowerbeds by keeping the dirt held down and the sticks chewed on. Stella was happy to give anyone her tennis ball as long as they would throw it. And after mowing, I found ALL her other ones!!
Rex is super grateful that daddy tilled up the garden area. He is secretly hoping that he doesn't plant anything and just leaves it for him because he sure loves digging in it! :)
And now, to move into testing week at school and hope that my mood from last week has completely disappeared!! :)

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