Sunday, April 3, 2011

First the joys...

I am just going to show you the "good stuff" from the weekend in pictures...tomorrow, we will conquer all the drama and problems one after another. I am glad to say goodbye to this weekend for sure! But this made me smile...seeing my niece saddle up her very first pony. Time sure does fly! Now she can go out in the barn and do it all by herself!! Look at the eyes on the newest of the barn cats...gorgeous!! And little girl is missing a toe and is named Cripple and called Crip for short. That makes me giggle. She is so soft and pretty!!
Love some barn cats and I think Sylvester is BEAUTIFUL! He totally posed for this! pup meets horse. I think he wasn't as keen on going into the stalls after seeing what lived in there! He wouldn't even look at him! ha!
When we couldn't find Autumn, where do you think she was? Surrounded by? :)
Where did I spend my morning? Surrounded by puppy love. Of the Boxer kind. The BEST! Duke is getting soooo big!!
Love me some boxer play and boxer wiggles and kisses!
The joy from this weekend was getting a chance to spend time with family. I love watching my niece ride horses. I love watching the horses run in the pasture. I love sitting in the barn and looking for the kittens. I love walking around in the country. I love watching my dad and Kevin tackle a project together. I love getting a chance to STOP the madness of our schedule and spend some time with my mom. :)

Stay tuned for the drama tomorrow! ha!

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