Monday, April 4, 2011

In a Nutshell

If it could go wrong this weekend, it did. And, yet, every time it went wrong, there was a blessing along the way. Sometimes you just gotta look for those little blessings to stay sane!!! Here is basically how it went down: Keep in mind we need to be in Jonesboro at 2 pm to 3 pm ideally. 4 pm at the very latest. And, Jonesboro is a 3 hour drive. So, insert, the Suburban that hauls the trailer broken down. Trip to shop. No part. (Because really who carries parts for '89 Suburbans in stock????). While Kevin is at the shop, I go to Fred and Jack's and buy a weight distrubting hitch for the Tahoe to pull concessions trailer (insert $300 bill here). In the meantime, they find an alternator but it can't be delivered until 11:30 am (another $200). We can't wait because we have two errands to run AND a catering to drop off on our way to Jonesboro. So, I take Kevin to see the set up of the hitch so we can do put it together (it's complicated). Turns out, because of the front of the concession trailer, it would have to have slits drilled in it for the hitch to work. (Go ahead and insert a slight panic attack here.) Back to the shop we go and decide we have no choice but to wait on the part and while we wait, we will run 2 of the errands we need to run. They said they would have us up and running by 1 pm at the latest. And they did! Woohoo! Off we go and I follow in the Tahoe because 1. the passenger seat belts don't work in the Suburban 2. It's loud 3. I had a gut feeling we were going to break down again! We literally dump our catering off at an exit ramp on the way to Jonesboro and somehow make it there at 3:45 pm!!!! Praise Jesus! Then, we have no power. Yep, no power. Then, we discover somehow we left without the burgers. And the salt. And a can opener. A few trips to the store, help from my dad and Bubby, and an electrician and we were finally up and running. Flustered but running! And the people were nothing but friendly. Finally things settled down. Until.... The next day when we tried to head home. We spent the night at my parent's house - halfway to home. As we are pulling away, the Suburban is making a stallling sound. Turn around. Dad listens. Thinks we can make it. Go a little further, turn around and head back. It's worse. On the third turn around and going back to my parents house, we use the $300 hitch purchased the day before and hook it up to the Tahoe. With my dad's tools in the shop, he and Kevin had gotten the trailer and hitch put together that morning so we'd always have a back-up plan. Who knew we'd need it so soon!?! We made it home. Safe. Now, both '89 suburbans need to go to the shop. Big Bear is working on the pulling one. And, hopefully the other one will be in and out without costing an arm and leg. And, my husband still loves them. I, however, can do without either one of them!! :)

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