Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simba Memories

The humans around here aren't the only ones that miss him! :(
Today, I picked up Simba's ashes...and it made me think of some of my fondest memories of him. Ones I don't want to forget and yet know as time passes, I will because I have a horrible memory. Hence, the reason I blog!! I will probably keep coming back and adding to this as I remember things about him that make me smile. I want to remember ~

  • the way whenever I was reading a book or magazine of any kind, suddenly a little Simba face would push through the bottom of the book at me to say hello.

  • the way he would trick people by rolling over so they could pet his belly and then he would "attack"

  • how he bossed us around and talked back with his "meow"

  • without fail, EVERYTIME, I sat down on my glider outside, here he would come to get in my lap.

  • how we always knew when he "did his business" because he would come FLYING out of the laundry room and run to the other end of the house as fast as he could!

  • that he slept on my pillow every night so I'd pile up two of them just right for him to have space and me too.

  • how he greeted people and demanded to be paid attention to - just like one of the dogs.

  • how he somehow knew when I was eating ice cream and begged to lick the bowl when I finihsed.

  • he could smell a can of tuna being opened no matter how far away he was and the meowing was ON!

  • oh, how I miss the sound of that purr!! and the little black freckle on his nose...

  • and I know without a doubt I won't forget all the hunting excursions and bringing in lizards, snakes, rats, mice, frogs....mostly frogs and lizards thank goodness!

  • how he was best buds with Rocky and would greet him every morning by rubbing on his face. A cat who loved his rottie! :) Oh Simba, how you are missed! He was one big personality and lived life to the fullest. He kicked butt and took names on a daily basis. He could annoy you like a little brother and yet, you loved him for it.

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Very sweet post :)