Thursday, April 7, 2011


*Remember that enormous medical bill that I appealed and won? Got the new bill in the mail today, it went from nearly $7,000 to almost $300! I can handle that! :) *In other doctor news, I am a little irritated that Kevin and I BOTH called the Fertility Clinic and both spoke to someone who listened to our tale of woe and then sent us to a "voice mail". We both left messages with our numbers and heard NOTHING. Today, out of frustration, we called to see why we hadn't heard from anyone. Are we missing something? We are new to this game...share! And, we were told that they don't handle men's infertility. Ummm...HELLO?!?! Could you have told us that MONDAY when we called spilling our tale? Could someone have maybe called us back and TOLD us that? So, basically, we've gotten no where on that doctor appointment, but it wasn't from lack of trying. Kind of goes right along with same reason we needed to make the call in the first place! LOL! So....on to calling a Urologist. Anyone knows of a good one, send me the name! :)

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