Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend in Snapshots...

Short, sweet and to the was a good weekend! Our last leisurely one for awhile to come!! Friday night was scrapbook night and for the first time in forever, we had a full house. Almost everyone was here. Rex was completely relaxed for the event! (I mean, he is used to going to bed by 9:30 pm! ha)Saturday, Kevin had a wedding catering that included finger sandwiches, so I happily sampled for my lunch and whatever he did to that lettuce made it super yummy!I did a little shopping and got a skirt for my teacher of the year banquet next week AND hit an awesome sale at Hobby Lobby for scrap supplies! I LOVE the albums I got for 2011 at 50% off thank you! Everything I bought was 50% off! Sweeeeet!Today, we got up for the sunrise service and then went and had breakfast and went back to church for early service and Sunday school. :) After a good Sunday afternoon nap, I got to use my new electric weedeater and we got some yard work done! I love, love working in the yard and flowerbeds. My pond is my favorite...

I tried to get a picture of the new fish...but I can't get the dummies to figure out to come up to the top and EAT! This is the best I could Big Bertha (disappearing under the plant), Curly, Moe, and Dottie (the white one with the Dot...we are creative!).
Stella made a solemn promise to stay out of the pond area AND the garden area!
We put up a little fence around the garden just in case she changes her mind!Plus, we couldn't get the promise out of her brother! Green beans are coming up! yay!

And, we are all happy campers! Hope everyone had a good Easter and praised Jesus for all he gave for us!

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