Monday, April 25, 2011


Kevin (for whatever reason) still loves his '89 Suburbans. You know, the ones he affectionately refers to as Meatzilla (the red one) and The Bride of Meatzilla (black/grey one). I refer to them as "a break down in the making while driving around on may pops!" I will NOT miss them. He will. Today in the midst of tornado warnings and crazy weather, we went and got him a '99 Tahoe. Yep, he's moved up 10 years and has air conditioner for the first time in 4 years! Look at the sky as we left the house... And here is the sky as we get home...maybe 45 minutes later...oops! We were driving back with lightning striking everywhere and Kevin saw a wall cloud at county line. Sirens going off like crazy!

And, there it is...his new ride. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for a better picture because after all, a tornado was about to hit!
Best part is that the selling of the other two should pay for this one! He did have it checked by a mechanic today. Hopefully, we are out of going to the shop ALL the time! Thank you Jesus!

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